Established in 1973, Shaanxi Railway InstituteSXRIformerly known as Weinan Railway Engineering School of the Ministry of Railway was put under the administration of Shaanxi provincial government and promoted to be a high vocational and technical institute, which had been approved by Shaanxi provincial government and put on records by Ministry of Education. The backbone major of SXRI is related to transportation and traffic and civil engineering. Our institute trains different technicians and specialists for railway, unban railway, road, and other infrastructure constructions, thereby forming the feature of full-time high vocational education as the main, combined with adult education, short-term and technical ability training.

SXRI is located in Weinan city, with Linwei and Gaoxin campuses. The Institute covers an area of 1050 mu (approximately 173 acres), with total enrollment of over 13,000 students. All classrooms are equipped with multi-media equipment; The library has realized modern management and borrowing system, with a collection of 870,700 books; Both campuses are equipped with state-of-the-art sport facilities, such as standard track and field stadium, sports center and table tennis center, etc.; The dinning hall is given by department of education a title of standardized student canteen within high vocational institutes and the students' dormitory also adopts standardized management.

SXRI relies on railway industry and educates students highlighting railway characteristics. The institute has 8 departments and 4 sections and the eight departments are railway engineering, track engineering, road and bridge engineering, survey engineering, architectural engineering, management engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, electrical and information engineering. The four sections are basic courses, ideological and political theory teaching and research, continuing education, physical education. Some of 39 majors are railway engineering tech., high speed railway tech., road & bridge engineering tech., underground engineering and tunnel engineering tech., unban track transportation engineering, track operation management, shield machine construction tech., engineering survey tech., material engineering tech., construction cost, physical distribution management, railway traffic operation management, use and maintenance of construction machinery, railway communication signal, etc.

The awards owned by SXRI are two national teaching achievements, 10 provincial teaching achievements, 1 national elite resource sharing course, 8 provincial elite courses, 5 central budget winning majors, 12 provincial important majors, 2 training fields subsidized by central budget, 6 provincial class training fields, 1 national excellence teacher, 1 advanced individual of national vocation education, 3 track-traffic-industry excellent teachers of national vocation education, 6 provincial class excellent teachers of vocational education, 4 provincial class teaching teams, 9 provincial class excellent teachers. There are 70 different experiment and practice training bases and rooms and survey practice training base covers an area of 57.5 acres among them, 126 practice training bases out of campus in China Railway, China Railway Construction and 18 railway bureaus with fixed assets of experiment and training equipment amounted to more than 90 million RMB.

The honourable titles won by SXRI are excellent institute passed the Assessment for Personnel Training Vocational Education by the Ministry of Education, backbone higher vocational institute of national demonstration, a Star Demonstration Institute across China, Advanced unit of national spiritual civilization construction, national demonstration occupation skill appraisal station, national special award for promotion of voluntary blood donation, employment star model of national vocational college, employment competitiveness national demonstration institute, civilized campus of Shaanxi Province, safe campus of Shaanxi Province, first prize of campus culture achievement 6 years on end, Shaanxi vocational skills appraisal advanced unit 3 successive years.

Shaanxi Railway Construction Group has been established and led by SXRI so as to implement institute-and-enterprise cooperation, work-integrated learning and has formed a close relation with 253 enterprises about talents supply-demand relationship. The employment rate of graduates remains above 96% years on end and 90% of them are employed by state-renowned engineering construction and railway bureaus. Their spirit of hardship and profession has won them plaudits and become technical backbone and real management assets in their railway enterprises.

At present, the inbuilt software construction of SXRI has achieved remarkable results, and the quality of talents training has been continuously improved as well as comprehensive education level, which contributes to domestic reputation and influence. The institute is now in the fast lane of development. All faculty of SXRI are aiming for a higher goal of industry-leading, provincial demonstration, domestic first-class, and world renowned.