Introduction of the Department of Railway Engineering

Currently the total number of students from the department of railway engineering has exceeded 2200. There is a teaching staff of 94, 1 of which is a national railway traffic well-known tutor. 3 of them are doctors, 56 of them are masters, 20 of them are either professors or associate professors, 32 of them are senior engineers and 40 of them are lectures or engineers. 90% of the teaching staff is double qualified.

Our teaching staff has successively been to Singapore, Australia, German and other countries to have professional technical training, and established over 50 types of technical services towards numerous enterprises, worked for national key construction projects such as MengHua Railway, YinXi high-speed railway, Western Traffic Line, Xi’an metros, acquired two awards for teaching achievements, 3 special awards for provincial teaching achievements, 1 first prize, 1 second prize for technology technique of China Railway Construction Corporation, 3 provincial modules with excellent teaching materials, accepted 15 educational projects of the province, edited and inspected over 10 national-published teaching materials, published over 350 academic essays. Teaching staff was awarded “teaching staff of the 2010” and “advanced moral group of 2012”.

In recent years, our department created a new educational model of “project as carrier, action as direction”, “nine-week educational system”, etc., completed the cultivating model with “blending theories with practice, knowledge with action”. Graduates, welcome by enterprises, earned great attention from the educational departments and enterprises, and employment rate has been maintained at 99%.


Introduction of the Department of Railway Engineering

1. Railway engineering technology (national key major, national first-class major)

Employment direction: mainly targeted to China Railway Corporation, China Railway Construction Corporation, China Transportation, China Construction Corporation and construction, survey, supervision of other railway engineering enterprises and national railway bureaus, local railway companies, engaged in railway engineering construction technology management and inspection, maintenance and other work of rail line, bridge and tunnel equipment.

2. High-speed Railway Engineering Technology (national traffic demonstration major, national first-class major (cultivation))

Employment direction: mainly targeted to China Railway Corporation, China Railway Construction Corporation, construction and surveying of other high-speed railway construction, supervision enterprises and high-speed railway maintenance and maintenance departments of all railway bureaus, engaged in high-speed railway construction technology management, high-speed railway maintenance analysis, disease control and other work.

3. Water Conservancy and Hydropower Construction Projects

Employment direction: mainly targeted to water conservancy and hydropower construction enterprises, water conservancy and hydropower facility management units, river management and other units, engaged in project survey, construction organization, project cost, quality control of water conservancy and hydropower construction and water conservancy facilities operation management and other technical work.

4. Railway Bridge and Tunnel Engineering Technology

(not sure on whether available to enroll students in 2018)

Employment direction: mainly targeted to China Railway Corporation, China Railway Construction Corporation and survey, construction, supervision of other railway bridge and tunnel engineering enterprises and bridge maintenance department of all railway bureaus in track division, and engaged in management, maintenance and other technical work of railway bridge construction.