SXRI held the 2018 Mobilization Meeting of Kenya Mongolian Railway Training


On the afternoon of May 15, 2018, the 2018 Mobilization Meeting of Kenya Mongolian Railway Training was held in the conference room on the 11th floor of Linwei campus. Wang Hui, secretary of the party committee of the college, and the vice president Li Linjun attended the meeting. The Human Resource Office, the Academic Affairs Office and the whole members of the training group attended the meeting.The meeting was hosted by the head of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office.

At the mobilization meeting, the principal of the Personnel Office announced the document of the 2018 Kenya Mongolian Railway Training Group. Liu Weifeng, head of the training group, made a statement. He thanked the college for careful arrangements and consideration of the training work. Members of the training team will firmly establish the national consciousness, responsibility consciousness, discipline awareness and safety awareness, and show the college spirit of hard work and devotion and struggling for the first and Chinese image of great country that loves peace and have responsibility. Xia Xue, a member of the training group, just shared related experience in training preparation and teaching for training in Kenya, on behalf of all teachers, she make a speech: completing various tasks, overcoming difficulties and successfully completing tasks.

The Director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Division made a detailed introduction to the professional course missions arrangement and precautions for the visit to Kenya. Vice President Li Linjun told teachers who are about to go to Kenya to respect local culture, customs, focus on own words and behaviors in other countries, improve safety awareness, focus on cooperation spirit, and obey team arrangements. At the meeting, Wang Shuji pointed out: The mission to Kenya is glorious and responsible. I hope that all expatriate teachers will dare to meet the challenges, prepare lessons carefully, complete training tasks with high quality, shape the abroad training brand of Shaanxi Railway Institute , and encourage everyone to struggle in youth time. Struggling youth is more beautiful!

It is said that the first 14 teachers of Kenya Mongolian Railway Training will arrive in Kenya in the early June and then start various professional training including shunt, driving a vehicle, electricity and signal.(DuYUE)