Innovation achievements of SXRI was shown in the 8th Shaanxi Higher Education Expo


On the morning of June 24th, the 8th Shaanxi Higher Education Expo and the 2nd Shaanxi Science and Technology Achievements in higher education, the 4th Shaanxi Graduate Students’ Innovation Achievements Exhibition and the School-Enterprise Docking Fair opened at the Xi'an Qujiang International Convention Center. Liu Kuanren, vice chairman of the Shaanxi Provincial Political Consultative Conference, member of the Standing Committee of the Democratic Progressive Party, and chairman of the Provincial Committee, announced the opening. Dong Xiaolong, secretary of the Shaanxi Higher Education Commission, delivered a speech. Wang Jianli, director of the Provincial Department of Education, hosted the opening ceremony. Wang Hui, secretary of the party committee of the college, Wang Jin, Dean of the Institute, Yang Yunfeng, vice secretary of the party committee of the college and secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, Li Linjun, vice Dean of the Institute and relevant department heads and representatives of teachers and students attended the opening ceremony.

During the exhibition, Dong Xiaolong, secretary of the Shaanxi Higher Education Commission, Li Zhijun, vice secretary, Chen Naixia, vice secretary, and Liu Jianlin, deputy director of the Education Department, were present at the institute exhibition area to guide work.They visited the scientific and technological achievements works such as simulation model of earth pressure balance “the rising Sun” , dynamic models of high-speed railway bridge erection machine, and the smart olfactory tunnel air quality intelligent detection and control system. After listening to institute leaders’ introduction of achievement works, they gave recognition to school running achievements.

The expo had lasted for four days. The exhibition area was located in Hall B1. The exhibition area is dominated by blue and white. The blue color is thesymbol color of China's high-speed rail. It focuses on the topic of Chinese high-speed rail “entering international”. The exhibition attracts much attention of parents and candidate for exam inside and outside the province. The professional consulting team answer various questions about voluntary reporting for the majority of candidates for exam and parents one by one. The atmosphere is so lively.

At this year's exhibition, the institute not only introduced the college entrance examination scores of the past year and this year's enrollment plan to parents and candidates , but also provided college entrance examination policy advice and guide candidates to fill in their voluntary reporting. At the same time, it also shows the college's advantages in running schools, development achievements, great appearance of alumni  and college students innovative achievements, helping candidates and parents understand the characteristics of the college and prospects of entrepreneurship and employment (Yang Guang)