Shaanxi Daily reported on the front page that Shaanxi Railway Institute had trained more than 50,000 craftsmen for China Railway


On October 28, the front page of Shaanxi Daily was titled "Shaanxi's contribution to the development of new China -- Talents Flourishing Shaanxi: building the core support for reform and development". It reported that during  the 70-year development process of new China, Shaanxi has emerged a large number of excellent talents which become the backbone of national and local construction in all walks of life. Taking Shaanxi Railway Institute as a typical case for two times in the article, it reported that the institute has trained more than 50,000 technical talents for China Railway and made positive contributions to the economic development of Shaanxi. It mentioned in the report that Shaanxi Railway Institute which was built for railway has trained more than 50,000 technical talents for China Railway. They have participated in the construction of Qinghai-Tibet Railway, Beijing-Shanghai Express Railway and other national railway projects, which become the fresh troops in the construction and management of China rail transit. A number of professional talents such as Xuanai Xiong, the winner of the "Locomotive" medal of the railway ministry and Geliang Zhang, the champion of the national railway engineering system linesman skill competition have sprung up from the institute. Seven persons in total have been selected into the Shaanxi Undergraduates Achievement League.