Four First Prizes Won by Teachers from Shaanxi Railway Institute in Shaanxi Provincial Teaching Ability Competition of 2019


  Recently, Education department of Shaanxi announces the list of proposed awards in the Teaching Ability Competition of Shaanxi Vocational Skills Competition of 2019, teachers from our institute make another success. The nine works submitted all win awards, among which there are four first prizes, three second prizes and two third prizes, the quantity of awards won by our institute is the same as the ones win by Shaanxi Vocational and Technical College, while Shaanxi Vocational and Technical College wins the highest level of awards.  

  In recent years, our institute attaches high importance to the improvement of teachers teaching ability and insists on encouraging teachers to go out of campus to learn more and training teachers within campus. Our institute selects backbone teachers to interview and learn from other domestic and foreign schools successively and maintain the system of sending teachers into enterprises in turn to get trained. Our institute also invites qualified and famous professors to hold lectures in our institute and hold teaching ability competition for young teachers, at the same time, other methods like monitoring regular observation of lessons, discussing and selecting new teaching talents, qualified teachers and famous teachers are also implemented to establish good foundation of the cultivation and improvement of teachers teaching ability.