University of Baguio Visits Shaanxi Railway Institute for Observation and Communication


On the morning of 26th September, academic vice president, Janice Kaylyn Lonogan, dean of graduate school, Bernardita Castaneda Ayunon, head of research and development department, Marilou Magistrado Saong, head of student consultation and development center, Leny Estacio and others, which are 7 people in total, visit our institute for communication and observation. Deputy director of our institute, Wang Chuang and other heads from academic affair office, human resources department, students affair office, international cooperation office participated in this exchange symposium.  

Wang Chuang welcomes the delegation from University of Baguio warmly and introduces the basic information to the guests in fluent English. And he emphasizes that our institute has been promoting international school running ideas. At the same time, the delegation from University of Baguio and leaders of our institution communicate about international student exchange program, teacher training, degree promotion, bachelor education in abroad, exchanging students to study abroad and other related affairs in detail. They hope to promote the students to grow into talents and improve the teachers professional ability through international cooperation.

Janice Kaylyn Lonogan introduces the history, geographical location, teacher resources, course design and so on in details. She hopes to have broader communication and cooperation with our institute from this interview on and discuss education, teaching, talents cultivation and so on together to promote the international cooperation between two schools. Afterwards, University of Baguio and our institute sign MOU cooperation agreement and take group photo for memorizing. After the symposium, the guests visit the Gaoxin district campus, practical training base and teaching development center.

In this symposium, the English version of promotional video of our institute is played for the first time, which strengthen the international communication and cooperation deeper between our institute and international higher education schools.